Oooohw, 16th of June and my study (thesis & final project for degree for Fashion Design[fashiontech]) are over!! Hellooo to being human again!...

+ Artist in Residence on 'Intimacy' of Daan Roosegaarde (May-June)
+ Artist in Residence on V2 Summer Sessions (June-Juli-August) for the ISEA2010 (Inter-society for the electronic arts) expo in Germany - Dortmund
+ Artist in Residence during Vienna Fashion week (September-October) studio (60m2) payment +show/sellingpoints




EXPO 'pretty smart textiles' last ThursdayCollapse )




Enthousiast, draaf ik door een wereld die beeld heet,
een wereld van vormgeving en esthetiek,
alleen de geschreven instructies interesseren mij weinig.

Ik sta aan de zijlijn en kijk toe. 
observeer en probeer te ervaren,
zonder mijn eigen gevoel te verwikkelen nog.
niet geinteresseerd in nepheid, het geprogrameerde systeem.
eerder om de interactie, het spel, de emotie.

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Princess Lala

...Dantooine. They're on Dantooine!

Sneak peek of our shoot last Friday, photography by the lovely Robert Lunak and awesome model Lara/memew . These are nearly clean shots, gonna be used as a base for an illustration-like project, but since they are kick-ass I needed to post them as they are. Sometimes you're starting a shoot and it immediately makes sense from the first shot on, this was one of them <3

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...why do some of the most amazing days always seem to slip my mind?
3/3 -"Talk in Third person day"

"The craze is elevating, tomorrow morning you can wake up and be a whole new person: you don't have to be yourself, you can just spend the day talking about the person you were yesterday."