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October 2010... [15.01.11.::.2:21pm]

...wanna go back!
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Oooohw, 16th of June and my study (thesis & final project for degree for Fashion Design[fashiontech]) are over!! Hellooo to being human again!...

+ Artist in Residence on 'Intimacy' of Daan Roosegaarde (May-June)
+ Artist in Residence on V2 Summer Sessions (June-Juli-August) for the ISEA2010 (Inter-society for the electronic arts) expo in Germany - Dortmund
+ Artist in Residence during Vienna Fashion week (September-October) studio (60m2) payment +show/sellingpoints




EXPO 'pretty smart textiles' last ThursdayCollapse )


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_schaakmat [06.04.10.::.3:34am]

Enthousiast, draaf ik door een wereld die beeld heet,
een wereld van vormgeving en esthetiek,
alleen de geschreven instructies interesseren mij weinig.

Ik sta aan de zijlijn en kijk toe. 
observeer en probeer te ervaren,
zonder mijn eigen gevoel te verwikkelen nog.
niet geinteresseerd in nepheid, het geprogrameerde systeem.
eerder om de interactie, het spel, de emotie.

...Collapse )


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Princess Lala [04.04.10.::.6:11am]

...Dantooine. They're on Dantooine!

Sneak peek of our shoot last Friday, photography by the lovely Robert Lunak and awesome model Lara/memew . These are nearly clean shots, gonna be used as a base for an illustration-like project, but since they are kick-ass I needed to post them as they are. Sometimes you're starting a shoot and it immediately makes sense from the first shot on, this was one of them <3

_shootCollapse )

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Portraits in the making [Viaggiatore] [26.03.10.::.12:34pm]


...a sneak-peek of Viaggiatore project recordings last week


Viaggiatore della Vita
Nautilusinc BLOG

T's work

Viaggiatore on DutchScene

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.bummer [06.03.10.::.1:15am]

...why do some of the most amazing days always seem to slip my mind?
3/3 -"Talk in Third person day"

"The craze is elevating, tomorrow morning you can wake up and be a whole new person: you don't have to be yourself, you can just spend the day talking about the person you were yesterday."

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Maarten & Nouk's (UN)birthday Wonderland party [19.01.10.::.8:48pm]


" THIS YEAR we're celebrating our Bday's together!

Dress up "mad tea party style"*


We'll start with Tea,
so wear your hat -

We'll play Croquet and games like that!

The Queen demands you don't be LATE,
It's time to come celebrate!

Be sure to come in foolish ATTIRE*
...for all to admire "

Mad Hatter party!!Collapse )
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Winterefteling [20.12.09.::.10:55pm]


Hmmmm 3 days of snow, dreamland, glühwein and delicious food during our stay @ Bosrijk (new villages next to Efteling's amusements parc) fucking cold but extremely wicked ...our house incl. a sauna hmmmmm

...winterwonderlandCollapse )

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Jeeez... [17.11.09.::.2:07am]

...I think we got infected ;)

muhahahahaCollapse )
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CHOICES [16.10.09.::.2:40pm]

...8 months to go and I will be free to do what I want, to live where I want, to find inspiration everywhere and go with the flow. I pointed out my main desires and cravings. My ultimate goal is to get my family of friends together and put them on a cute little island in the middle of nowhere so I have you guys all compact. But since that might not work out on short notice these are the choices to make from my plan B.
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MASCHINENFEST 2009_intense [13.10.09.::.12:13am]
...felt like a family I never had.

Broken Note || HECQ || Intoner || Mono-amine || Pow[der] Pussy || Synapscape || ANGINA P || DJ Hidden || TZOLKIN

3 days of dancing from noon till morning, fooling around, crashing the breakfast still drunk, hanging out of the window with elliot, breakbeats still running through my head, a hot looking nicolette, kidnapping someone by car at the other side of Essen, loosing maarten all the time (aka        *wait for it*         ...ALL the time!), justin being grumpy in search for coffee and sigarettes in the morning, driving back to Arnheim to get joost, job that did a great job at fixing my pr-stuff, feau totally awake and hyper on day two around 01.00 after listening to black metal for two hours, dutton and his tile-demons, kretek smell, a failed moustache-wearing theme, my totally awesome roomie, marina that kept grabbing my ass, sophie and mirja all dolled up, chemical wasteland, a wicked afterparty last night, half naked people covered with glitter, nicole walking on high heels for over 12 hours if I'm correct, guillaume and sean dancing in paper boxes (did someone taped this?) Pascal & Judith <3 ...aka with loads of precious people around to chill with, surrounded by intense flows and euphoric atmospheres. Some people say the location wasn't that great this year, and I think the placement of acts could be better to have more ambiance (from soft style to hard style). But for me it was the best thing that happened in a while. I was complete.

...and altough I'm really exhausted, 
and my body is slowly collapsing,
I can't get the smile from my face while posting this.

Thanks to all who helped me loose my MF virginity,
I'm lovin' it.
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_WOMB [02.09.09.::.6:35pm]


After 3 months of work in Vienna, from storyboard to recordings to cutting, finally finished my first short movie. Credits to Robert Lunak for help, filming and cutting and after effects. To Markus Tuma for bodypaint. Romina for make up. Sanne Bleeker for hair, Twan for help with putting it online, and Dani, Melanie & Ines for modelling. Being painted black and duct taped to the wall must have been a funny experience. Love you guys!

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LOWLANDS 2009 [01.09.09.::.10:25pm]

Lowlands 2009 was hectic, crowded and sunny. Highlights were dancing bamboo, our dream team* (love you guys <3) duct tape, sponsored clothing by Kuyichi to rip apart, paint & sewing machines. As weird as Lowlands can be, as happy I am that we survived the 3 days of terror. Cheers to coffee, backstage passes and vitamine pills. One hell of a crazy weekend!!...

...3 days of chaosCollapse )
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Miss Croft [05.08.09.::.10:13am]

x Lara

_supergirl partyCollapse )
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BLEND #43 [22.07.09.::.9:41pm]

Blend magazine

*thanks to [info]dudette_pirate for taking the picture ;)

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_WOMB recordings [12.07.09.::.1:46am]

Today the recordings of MY FIRST short movie (_WOMB, 1.22min) release will be at a festival, during my work there. It was crazy. After a good preparation (dummy, storyboard, written screenplay) finally time for the recordings with a team of 8 people, including bodypainter. Now only left is staple it together with my dear working collegue Robert, probably gonna be a hell :S

See Nouk without make up _dummy

_WOMB snapshotsCollapse )
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Cheers for queers! [05.07.09.::.12:30pm]

Gaypride Vienna was fucking awesome!!
...rum pancakes, love, and our own personal playboybunny.

lesbians, costumes & softpornCollapse )
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BERLIN [01.07.09.::.1:15am]
[ mood | tired ]

..too much pati pati,
but it was awesome <3

Gay pride, sightseeing & making fools out of ourselfs,
the weekend randomly consisted of:

- sneaking into the FIRST party truck of the pride!!
(coolest one + free booze & energy drink)
- wayyy too much energy drink *hyper hyper*
- pati pati untill the morning
- gays & hulla hoop boys
- the producers (with pretzels instead of hakenkruizen)
- girls, a lot
- something with a stick 

PICTURESCollapse )
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